The University Library

The GPWU Library occupies two stories of an elegantly designed modern building. The collection of approximately 140,000 Japanese and Western volumes is increasing by several thousand volumes annually. Moreover, the library subscribes to numerous Eastern and Western periodicals. Shelved on open stacks, these books and periodicals are easily accessible for students to browse freely. The recent adoption of a new computer system has made searching and borrowing books easier. In addition, document search requests and copying are also available. Sky Perfect TVfs gTraditional Japanese Cultural Broadcastingh and gTheater Televisionh can also be viewed. Library users may enjoy watching traditional Japanese culture through such performances as kabuki, nagauta, bunraku, rakugo, and noh, as well as domestic and foreign performing arts including theater, ballet, dance, and drama. Audiovisual materials including DVDs, CDs, records, cassette tapes, and microfilm are also available.