MA Program in International Communication

The MA program in International Communication was designed for those students who wish to pursue an in depth knowledge of English or develop their knowledge of specific business interests as well as international relations.

For the students who are interested in an in depth knowledge of English, we offer courses that range from discussions on English grammatical structures to how people converse in English. Our goal is to provide the students with the necessary tools so that they will have a better understanding of their own English abilities and be able to communicate with others about the knowledge they have gained as well as gaining the ability to use English in practical ways.

For those who wish to develop their knowledge of a specific business interest or have an interest in international relations, we offer a variety of courses ranging from business finance, economies in developing countries to issues currently important in international politics. Our goal is to prepare students by honing their business acumen and providing them with insight into international relations so that they will be better prepared to tackle the day-to-day challenges of an ever changing, globally connected world.