Graduate School

Graduate Program in Literature

The graduate course, set up in 1994, offers students the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in one of three fields: Japanese Literature, English Language, British and American Cultures or Aesthetics and Art History. The course is open to both men and women.

Students learn how to conduct research at the highest level in their chosen specialty.
This knowledge and the specialist qualifications gained will open up the path to a wide variety of professions in education and research and help foster the sense of learning as a lifelong pursuit.

Graduate Program in International Communication

The graduate school in the Department of International Communication was set up in 2009 to accommodate students who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of English communication and business as well as international relations. It provides the students with profound professional knowledge but also encourages ideals such as flexibility and insight as a means to tackle problems that they will face in the global society. Qualified men and women are encouraged to apply.